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Interview with Patrice Abaul: Best Raysync Review Is Here

interview with patrice abaul

We are delighted to interview Patrice Abaul, a veteran independent production director and digital technology consultant.

A Renowned Production Director Shares His Insights

With over a decade of experience in production and stereography, Patrice has a remarkable portfolio, having crafted 23 short films for Sony Europe and contributed to acclaimed documentaries and music festivals, showcasing his expertise in video production and stereography.

Notable Works by Patrice Abaul Include: 

LOVE: Stereographer, directed by Gaspar Noé (Cannes 2015)

Caribbean Mules (Les mules invisibles): Producer

Slumsoccer: Executive producer, documentary

love 2015caribbean mulesslum socoer

Today, we delve into his experiences with Raysync, a solution that has significantly improved his workflow.


Eye And Eye Productions: A Creative Hub in Guadeloupe

Raysync: Hi Patrice, Thank you for joining us today. Your journey as a journalist, producer, and independent production director has been quite diverse. Could you share more about your experiences and your current role at Eye And Eye Productions in Guadeloupe?

  • Patrice Abaul: Hello, it's a pleasure to be here. I'm Patrice Abaul, and I am an associate of Eye And Eye Productions. I live in Guadeloupe, where I have a production company that specializes in cinema, commercials, TV shows, and more.

eye and eye production


Raysync: Guadeloupe’s natural beauty must offer a rich backdrop for your creative projects. Can you highlight some of your recent endeavors?

  • Patrice Abaul: Of course! Guadeloupe's natural beauty and diverse landscapes have indeed been a tremendous source of inspiration for my work. Last year, we did a VR project for tourism. We also covered boat races, produced a feature film called “Zion” that was presented at Cannes, and worked on a TV show for TF1, the leading national French TV channel.


How Patrice Abaul Streamlines His Workflow with Raysync

Raysync: You've mentioned the importance of keeping Guadeloupe technologically connected. Before discovering Raysync, how did you handle large file transfers like FTP? What led you to explore other solutions, and how has Raysync improved your workflow?

  • Patrice Abaul: I've used various solutions such as Raysync, Masv, Aspera, and Signiant, each with varying results depending on the project. However, Raysync has notably enhanced efficiency, particularly evident in reducing transfer times from days to mere hours for substantial data volumes.


Raysync: How did you come across Raysync, and what benefits have you observed in your production processes since adopting it?

  • Patrice Abaul: I discovered Raysync while browsing the web during a layover at Miami Airport. I was looking for a solution to transfer large files quickly because FTP was just too slow. Since using Raysync, the efficiency of our file transfers has significantly improved. For instance, transferring 3 TB of files, which used to take 2 days, now takes just a few hours!


Exceptional Customer and Technical Support

Raysync: Considering your extensive experience, how would you rate Raysync's customer and technical support in addressing your needs?

  • Patrice Abaul: Honestly, Raysync has the best customer support I have experienced. Joey helped me with everything, from the technical aspects to the commercial details. It was truly the best option for me.


An Eye on the Future

Raysync: As someone deeply immersed in your work year-round, what upcoming projects are you preparing for?

  • Patrice Abaul: We're gearing up for exciting new ventures in cinema and television as September approaches.


Raysync: Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences today, Patrice. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. We look forward to witnessing more of your remarkable work and continuing to support your endeavors with Raysync. Thank you again for participating in this interview!

  • Patrice Abaul: Thank you,I look forward to more surprises from Raysync Have a great day!


Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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