A Detailed Tutorial Designated to Help Master Raysync Easily


Today's society has become an ocean of data, and enterprises are huge ships floating on the ocean of data. Some people compare big data to "new oil". Oil resources may be exhausted in the future, but a large number of resources contained in data information will become more and more abundant. Circulation can release the value of data. As the carrier of data circulation, transfer software is an essential and important tool for enterprises.

Raysync Large File Transfer:

Large File Transfer:


Massive Small File Transfer:


1. How to get the free version of Raysync?

1.1 Visit via the web browser. 1.2 Visit the Pricing interface and download the latest zip file. 3 1.3 Download the corresponding version according to the system your computer runs. 4

2. Deployment

2.1 Linux

Extract the file to your installation directory first, for example, the installation directory is /opt/Raysync, and execute tar–zxvf xxxx.tar.gz to extract the installation package in the directory.


And then you will find the following files:


Execute. / to complete the installation initialization. After the installation is successful, it will automatically prompt Successfully installed, and the Raysync has been successfully added to the boot.


Then. /, run to start the Raysync.


2.2 Windows

Unzip the compressed files of Raysync, and double-click the “start” script to start the service.


Open the file named “AdminlnitPwd”to get the password, and the account name is admin.


3. Introduction of background management module for Raysync

Before operation, clarifying the relationship among administrators, subaccounts and groups can help us get started with radium transmission faster:

  • Administrators create and manage subaccounts and group spaces.
  • The administrator adds multiple subaccounts into a certain group space, and members can share files in the group space, upload, download, delete files or create new folders (specific permissions are configured by the administrator).


The navigation bar can be divided into 7 parts, you can create and manage the sub-account, manage the transfer logs, and custom enterprise LOGO, home page background picture and enterprise name, and so on.


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