Raysync Transmission Technology to Promote Innovation and Development of Chip Industry

To maintain competitiveness, chip manufacturers have invested in new technologies, including digital supply chains, connected production lines, and predictive analytics. How to efficiently and securely transfer and share the massive digital information generated by these technologies is a real challenge for enterprises.

Traditional data transmission tools such as FTP are gradually unable to keep up with this trend, resulting in increased enterprise costs and decreased productivity. As a pioneer in the field of big data transmission synchronization, Raysync has overcome these challenges in a groundbreaking way, achieving secure, reliable, and efficient data migration.

Part 1: Industry Needs

With the continuous development and growth of global business, chip manufacturers' headquarters often need to regularly collect a large amount of data from production environment clients in various factories for analysis. During the transmission process, there are many transmission problems such as slow transmission, high latency, and packet loss, and it requires the intervention of operation and maintenance personnel in each factory to perform the transmission task, which increases the operation and maintenance time cost of the headquarters to collect data from various factories. 

Part 2: The problems faced by the chip industry:

➤ Due to the impact of transmission distance and network conditions, the transmission efficiency of huge data volumes lags behind.

➤ Poor transmission reliability, unable to ensure the accuracy and security of transmitted data.

➤ The existing transmission methods cannot automatically transmit large amounts of data to a specified storage location on a regular basis.

➤ Due to the large number of data files collected by each production plant, the use of TCP protocol file transfer often only utilizes 25%-35% of the storage performance, resulting in a waste of hardware resources.

Part 3: Raysync solution

Raysync provides transmission solutions between the headquarters of chip manufacturers and their factories, as well as between the centralized storage servers and terminal devices of each factory. Raysync's self-developed transfer protocol helps chip manufacturers to transfer data at high speed between their daily operations and factories around the world.


1. Automation synchronization between headquarters and factories

The headquarters machine room deploys the Raysync server system, and each factory deploys the Raysync client to achieve automated high-speed file transfer synchronization between the headquarters and factories. At the same time, the Raysync server is deployed in a clustered manner, and files are synchronized from the centralized storage servers in each factory through multiple concurrent tasks, effectively improving storage performance utilization and avoiding waste of hardware resources.

2. Automation synchronization between factories and terminal devices

Each factory deploys a centralized storage server for the Raysync, and a Raysync client for the terminal devices, enabling the automatic collection of data files from various terminal devices in the factory. At the same time, through the Raysync multi-node management function, centralized management by the server is achieved, and the automatic synchronization and uploading of file data from each client are controlled in a unified manner, without the need for manual upload/download by human intervention, without the need to adjust the existing network architecture, and without the need for new network/hardware costs.

  • The Raysync is hundreds of times faster than the original speed

Raysync 's UDP optimized transmission technology is an innovative software that eliminates the fundamental shortcomings of traditional file transmission technology based on TCP. It transmits through Raysync's self-developed transfer protocol, which is hundreds of times faster than FTP/HTTP, greatly reducing the time required for user file decompression and significantly improving the efficiency of file upload/download by 75%-85%. At the same time, the headquarters effectively utilizes storage performance through cluster deployment to avoid waste of hardware performance.

  •  Guarantee data integrity

Relying on Raysync's transfer mechanisms such as resume from a breakpoint, multiple checks, and automatic error retransmission, it effectively guarantees the reliability of file transfers and ensures the integrity of data across factories.

  • Algorithm encryption secure transfer

SSL security features are added to the transmission protocol and data channel, and TLS algorithm encryption is used to achieve AES-256 financial-level encryption strength (Hash, rsync verification), protecting the privacy and integrity of data transmission across factories.

  • Reduce human operation, improve efficiency, and reduce personnel costs

Raysync has an automatic synchronization function that enables client data from factories around the world to be synchronized with a centralized storage server in real time. The data is then automatically uploaded to the corresponding storage server at headquarters on a regular basis through the centralized storage server, ensuring that headquarters can obtain the latest data in a timely manner. Reducing manual uploads and downloads, operation and maintenance time is greatly reduced, and personnel efficiency is effectively improved.


In general, Raysync Accelerated Transmission technology provides strong support for the development of the chip industry. Through Raysync's efficient and reliable file transmission system, companies in the chip industry can quickly, securely, and efficiently receive, share, and send business data files, meeting the company's requirements for business data file exchange. In the future, with the rapid development of 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the application scenarios of chips will become more and more extensive, and the requirements for transmission speed and capacity will also continue to increase. Raysync will continue to be committed to providing more professional, efficient, and secure file transmission solutions for the chip industry, and to assisting the development of the chip industry.


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