Digital Transformation of Financial Institutions Empowered by Raysync

With the triple role of the user environment, regulatory requirements, and their operation and management, financial institutions have been at the forefront of digital transformation. "Utilization of all businesses" has been regarded as a standard by many financial institutions, and is regarded as an important strategic direction for the present and the next few years.

digital transformation

The digital transformation of financial institutions is deepening, and challenges are emerging. The industry continues to emerge with new competitiveness, changing customer expectations, and the need for cost reduction. The financial industry urgently needs to explore new forms, and the basis for all changes lies in the need to share and process massive business files quickly and safely in global systems and teams.

Through its patented complete software products, RAYWING PTE. LTD. enables financial institutions to move, share and synchronize large files and massive small files at high speeds around the world.

Stable and Reliable File Transfer

It supports functions such as resumable transfer and failure retransfer, and multiple verification mechanisms ensure the safety and reliability of file transfer.

Ensure File Transfer Security

Through SSH authentication transfer, file at rest encryption, and file integrity verification to ensure the security of financial institution file.

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time tracking and monitoring, centralized control of transfer nodes, and providing comprehensive log traceability and real-time security reports.

High-speed File Transfer

Raysync makes full use of bandwidth, provides faster transfer speed, realizes transfer speed hundreds of times faster than TCP, without fear of transfer distance and file size.

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