Raysync Cloud: A High-Speed File Transfer Cloud Service

With the increasing demand for file transfer and storage, we are proud to introduce our new product - Raysync Cloud, a cost-effective solution for high-speed file transfer. Raysync Cloud offers outstanding features and flexible use cases to help you achieve efficient, secure, and affordable file transfer experiences.

Unlike Raysync's SMB and Enterprise versions, which provide private deployment services using the customer's own servers and storage, Raysync Cloud offers a separate Software as a Service (SaaS) for cloud storage. Customers without deployment capabilities can directly use and experience the high-speed transfer system without the need for deployment.

raysync cloud

The Six Key Features of Raysync Cloud

Raysync Cloud, a top provider of lightweight cloud storage transfer systems in China, offers the following unrivaled benefits:

Unbeatable Transfer Speed: Raysync Cloud utilizes its independently developed transfer engine to break the limits of traditional transfer methods and fully utilize network bandwidth resources, eliminating slow transfers.

Security and Reliability: During the transfer phase, Raysync prioritizes data security and guarantees file safety by utilizing the SSL and AES encryption algorithms. Furthermore, Raysync Cloud uses multi-file verification techniques, error retransmission, and breakpoint resumes to guarantee transfer stability and reliability.

Multiple Transfer Modes: Supports upload and download for both local and cloud storage, one-way and bi-directional sync transfers, as well as serverless point-to-point transfers.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Runs on major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and AIX.

User-Friendly: Raysync Cloud provides customized mirrors for major cloud platforms, enabling one-click installation and the use of high-speed transfer technology.

FTP Replacement: Many companies still rely on FTP, despite its slow speed, unreliability, challenging operation, and potential security risks. Raysync's self-developed protocol offers 100 times faster transfer speeds than FTP/HTTP.

Use Cases for Raysync Cloud

Remote Work and Team Collaboration: Raysync Cloud facilitates remote work and team communication by making file uploading, downloading, and sharing easier for team members who are spread out geographically. Team members can share files safely and quickly, which increases productivity.

Large File Transfer: Raysync Cloud offers quick and reliable file transfer services for big files or multiple files, including backup, design, and video files. Large files can be handled and transferred quickly via Raysync Cloud, saving both time and bandwidth.

Data Backup and Storage: With its cloud storage feature, Raysync Cloud serves as a data backup and storage solution. You can upload important files and data to Raysync Cloud for secure storage, ensuring data reliability and recoverability.

Cross-Platform File Synchronization: Raysync Cloud supports file synchronization between multiple platforms and devices. Whether you're using a desktop computer, mobile device, or network storage device, Raysync Cloud enables file synchronization across various devices, achieving unified file management and access.

File Sharing and External Collaboration: Raysync file-sharing file sharing functionality, which allows easy sharing of files with others while setting access permissions and expiration dates. This is especially useful for collaborating and sharing files with clients, partners, or external teams.

Affordable Solution Provided by Raysync Cloud

raysync cloud

Raysync Cloud offers 2TB of transfer traffic and 1TB of storage space for a price of only $99/month. You can enjoy all the features of Raysync Cloud, including transfer between local and cloud storage, directory sync transfer, point-to-point transfer, and file sharing, without the need for additional server purchases and deployment. If you frequently transfer large files, you can purchase additional traffic or storage space, enjoying more discounts and saving costs.


By choosing Raysync Cloud, you will enter a new experience of file transfer and storage. Our promise is speed, security, and affordability. No longer limited by traditional transfer methods, no longer worried about file security and integrity, and no longer concerned about high costs. Experience Raysync Cloud now to make your file transfer and storage more efficient, secure, and cost-effective!

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