Media Delivery Industry - Raysync File Transfer System Solution

In the media delivery industry, the demand to deliver high-quality media on a grand scale is of utmost importance. From 4K to 8K mission material interaction and finished file delivery, the media delivery industry is constantly evolving. Media professionals and companies often receive and transmit terabytes of data on a daily basis. The ability to quickly transfer vast amounts of rich media between global production teams and channels has never been so crucial.

Challenges Facing the Media Delivery Industry

As a deadline-oriented environment, media businesses need a platform that can deliver big files quickly, easily, and securely. Many media companies currently utilize costly satellite transmissions, dedicated fiber optic infrastructure, or low-quality, high-latency IP-based alternatives. These are often too expensive or inefficient solutions that don't pair well with the media and content being created. As such, production teams must wait until files are fully transmitted over the network, which is not ideal and could pose quality risks.

Instead, companies in the media delivery industry need a reliable, simple, on-time delivery solution that can be easily used and transmitted, regardless of where the sender and receiver are in the world.

Implementing Raysync in the Media Delivery Industry

For media delivery professionals located around the world, Raysync can send and receive large video and audio files at high speeds. It provides a complete software product built using Raysync's proprietary transfer technology. It enables media delivery companies to receive, share, and send large videos, audio, graphics, and other media files globally, with built-in security and reliability features.

Advantages of Raysync for Companies:

High-Speed Transfer: Regardless of file size or transfer distance, the speed of moving media files is tens of times faster than TCP by fully utilizing bandwidth.

High Reliability: Relying on Raysync's file integrity verification and automatic retransmission of errors, it can automatically recover and retransmit partially erroneous files or failed transmission tasks, effectively guaranteeing the reliability of file transfer and ensuring data integrity.

High Security: The addition of SSL/TLS protocol security features for the transmission channels, encrypting transmitted content using SSL/TLS security mechanisms, protecting data transmission privacy and security.

Centralized Management: Provides real-time, centralized control of transfer tasks and users, and offers comprehensive logs and reports. 

How to use Raysync to transfer large files?

When there is a need to send large files that can reach up to several gigabytes or even terabytes, then you need a powerful and high-speed large file transfer solution. This is what Raysync promises to offer.

Raysync is a fully containerized and certified standalone application for efficient file transfer and synchronization over large distances. It offers real-time and autonomous data transfer/sync with up to 10 Gbps of transfer speed. It also ensures smart identification and skipping of similar files and an intelligent management dashboard. Below are the steps to follow to transfer large files with Raysync:

Step 1: Contact Raysync sales for installation package and license.

Step 2: Deploy the server and firewall, log in to the admin portal to create a user account.

Step 3: Login to the user side to download the client.

Step 4: High-speed upload and download.

If you have more questions about using it, click to view the link below: 


Raysync Transmission provides a one-stop file transfer acceleration solution, aiming to provide industries such as IT, film and television, biogenetics, manufacturing, and others with high-performance, secure, and stable data transfer acceleration services. Traditional file transfer methods (such as FTP/HTTP/CIFS) have problems in terms of transfer speed, transfer security, system control, etc. The Raysync file transfer solution, through independent research and development and technological innovation, can meet customers' all-around needs in file transfer acceleration, transfer security, and controllability.

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