[2022] Only 1 Minute 50 Seconds to Transfer 100,000 Files Cross-border

In real life and work, various applications such as Internet social networking, audio, and video are constantly producing files every day. These files may be as large as 1TB, or as large as a large number of small files.

At present, the bottleneck of transmitting massive small files is IO performance. The reason is that the filehandles need to be opened/closed frequently in the transfer of massive small files, but there is very little to read and write after the files are opened.

As follow, we use FTP(FileZilla), a traditional file transfer tool, and Raysync, a professional file transfer software, to conduct a comparative test.

Test environment: Beijing Alibaba Cloud-new york Alibaba Cloud

Test files: 100,000 small files

Configuration: 4 core 8G memory

Bandwidth: 200MB/S

Packet loss: 5%

Latency: 200ms

The test data is as follow:


image (27)

The data shows that FTP takes 168 hours (7 days) to transmit 100,000 small files across the country. After using professional file transfer tools, the speed is reduced to 1 minute and 50 seconds, and the transfer time is improved by 5,522 times.

Raysync - the advanced file transfer solutions

- 100 times faster

The transfer speed is hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP, which maximizes the bandwidth and improves the file transfer efficiency.

- Excellent files transfer technology

The new disk I/O optimization technology provides high-speed reading and writing guarantee for massive small files, which is 5522 times faster than FTP.

- Oversized files flow at high speed

Fast transfer of GB\TB\PB-level large files and Raysync self-developed accelerated transfer technology makes the transfer timeliness increase by 272 times.

- Enterprise-class stability and reliability

Intelligent compression, breakpoint resume, automatic error retransmission, and other mechanisms ensure stable and reliable transfer in an ultra-remote and weak network environment.

- Bank-standard security protection

Based on SSL encryption transfer protocol and financial AES-256 encryption transfer technology, data security is guaranteed.

Raysync, as the leading brand of enterprise-level large file transfer, has been focusing on providing one-stop big file send solutions for enterprises since its establishment. Specializing in solving large file share problems such as enterprise-level large file transfer, massive small file transfer, transnational file transfer, intelligent two-way synchronization, P2P accelerated transfer, database disaster recovery backup, multi-client concurrent transfer, object storage solution, one-to-many, and many-to-many heterogeneous data transfer.

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