Top 6 Managed File Transfer Software in 2024

In the modern business environment, file transfer is one of the vital processes for enterprises. Whether it is supply chain management, data collection, partner collaboration, or customer communication, all rely on reliable and secure file transfer. However, traditional file transfer methods often come with risks and shortcomings. To address these issues, an increasing number of enterprises are turning to "Managed File Transfer Software." This article focuses on the best managed file transfer softwares of 2024, aiming to provide enterprises with a secure, reliable, and efficient file transfer solution, helping improve business efficiency and security.

Part 1: What is MFT?

It is a technology platform for exchanging and sharing various types of data in an efficient and trusted secure manner, MFT provides higher security and transfer performance than FTP, SFTP, HTTP and other transfer protocols.

Managed File Transfer Software

Enterprises and organizations can avoid custom scripting and meet compliance requirements by using MFT solutions.

Part 2: Key Features of MFT

  1. B2B file transfer
  2. Temporary mail distribution
  3. Large-level file transfer
  4. Systematic enterprise-level large file transfer

Part 3: Top 6 Managed File Transfer Software in 2022


With ithigh-speed large file transfer solutions, Raysync provides all-around support for enterprises in large file interactions and cross-platform cooperation, achieving standardization within and between enterprises.

Managed File Transfer Software

  • Raysync’s intelligent data compression and intermittent transfer technology can effectively reduce the network load, providing breakpoint resumes and data verification to ensure stable and reliable data transfer.

·  The intelligent management system is able to meet the business requirements of enterprises such as data interaction, sync, and backup.

·  Raysync makes sure to quickly integrate itself into existing OA, ERP, and other enterprise systems, thus effectively reducing R&D costs to achieve data file linkage between business systems and operating system platforms, avoiding data islands.

IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera provides high-volume, reliable, and security-rich enterprise file transfer solutions.

Managed File Transfer Software

  • Offers a highly flexible platform, available on-premises or via the hybrid cloud that supports data transfer and many communication protocols.
  • Offers various MFT solutions like IBM Sterling File Gateway, IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager, IBM Sterling Secure File Gateway, IBM Sterling Control Center, and so on.


MASV, unlike other file transfer services, is designed to handle large files (up to 5TB in size), which is the same volume that can choke other services.

Managed File Transfer Software

MASV has two main functions:

  • You can either send files to the recipients you wish or use MASV Portals so clients and partners can transfer files directly to you.
  • Both senders and recipients will benefit from a simple and painless process that is as easy as sending an e-mail.


GoAnywhere MFT has the capability of reducing the time that is taken in an online business to a great extent.

Managed File Transfer Software

  • It is built on OpenPGP, secure FTP (SFTP and FTPS), SMTP, and SQL, to slip painlessly into your IT infrastructure.
  • When technical issues with secure file transfers come up, Diplomat MFT software gives file transfer administrators tools to solve them quickly.


MOVEit MFT is an open-source framework developed by Ipswitch, Inc. to help companies minimize the risks associated with enterprise mobility.

Managed File Transfer Software

  • It provides security, central access controls, file encryption, and tracking to ensure operational reliability and compliance with SLA.
  • It provides advanced workflow automation capabilities without scripting.


Thru is a cloud MFT solution for file-based data exchange. Designed to help users better organize, store and share files. It offers many features, including flexible folder organization, fast file search, secure file transfer and collaboration with team members.

Managed File Transfer Software

1.Thru's Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) provides automated file sharing and distribution utilizing cloud and local resources.

2.The Thru Node (MFT agent) seamlessly integrates with the internal network to enable local file system integration between on-site storage and cloud services.


MFT enables companies to reliably transfer data between systems and people in a secure way. MFT is a reliable as well as an efficient way to secure data and file transfer.

Raysync is a typical MFT solution, as a one-stop solution provider, Raysync has independently developed its core transfer technology with its professional technical teams to offer high-performance, secure, and reliable large file transfer and file management services for major enterprises. 

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