Transfer 10GB Large Files in Urgent with Raysync Transfer Protocol

large file transfer

10GB file transfer is an arduous task for general file transfer software. On the one hand, it is urgent in time; on the other hand, it is the problem of packet loss and latency in transnational transmission.

The following is the large file transfer system built by Raysync:


The actual transfer graph of Raysync:


Final transmission result: 10GB large files were transmitted from Beijing to New York, with an average transmission speed of 177.68Mbps, and Raysync only took 7 minutes and 30 seconds, thus realizing the transnational transmission of large files.

How to realize such efficient file transfer with Raysync?

Based on UDP, Raysync ultra-high-speed transmission protocol breaks through the technical barriers of traditional transmission protocols, and the transmission speed is increased to 100 times that of FTP. The Raysync large file transmission system equipped with this protocol can make full use of the existing bandwidth, effectively reduce the network latency, packet loss, and other influences, and realize the ultra-long-distance, cross-border large file, and massive small file high-speed transmission. Efficient and stable performance without special adjustment.

As a one-stop solution provider for large file transmission, Raysync has provided high-performance, safe, and stable large file transmission and transmission management services for 2W+ enterprises in IT, finance, film and television, biological genes, manufacturing, and many other fields. For more problems of large file transmission, please visit Raysync official website for consultation.

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