What is Raysync RaySSH Acceleration?

Large file data transmission is a very important part of the future for enterprises. The traditional method can choose traditional FTP, network disk and other methods to transmit. For large file data, the transmission speed may be slow and the data may be unreliable. Greatly affect the work efficiency of the enterprise.

The following describes a File Transfer Tool:

Raysync RaySSH

Raysync RaySSH Acceleration is a perfect alternative to ssh / sshd / scp / rsync tools of OpenSSH, a sharp transmission tool for Linux / Unix systems.

Function of Raysync RaySSH Acceleration

  • RaySSH
  • The functions of RaySSH is consistent with the ssh functions under Linux. Therefore, an encrypted connection channel can be built to authorize users’ rights, delegate permission and transmit encrypted file.

  • RayScp
  • RayScp has same functions as scp function under Linux, including file /folder upload and download functions.

  • RaySync
  • RaySync has same functions as rsync under Linux, which can synchronize file/folder file between two hosts and supports the function of differential file transfer of rsync (when a file changes, only the changed part of the file instead of the entire file is transferred.)

More Advantages of RaySSH Acceleration

  1. Functions are fully compatible with OpenSSH
  2. Supports all functions of ssh, scp and rsync; fully compatible with functions of user authentication, permission delegation, file encryption and transmission.

  3. Command line is fully compatible with OpenSSH
  4. When OpenSSH users migrate to RaySSH, they only need to change the name of command line program given the command line function parameters are fully compatible.

  5. Fast transmission speed
  6. In a network environment of high latency and high packet loss, RaySSH transmission speed is 5 to 50 times faster than OpenSSH.

Technical Principle

Raysync Proxy products include Raysync Proxy client terminal and Raysync Proxy server.


Raysync offers free trial version software and technical support for enterprise users! Try Raysync RaySSH acceleration service Now!

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Raysync RaySSH Acceleration is a perfect alternative to ssh / sshd / scp / rsync tools of OpenSSH, a sharp transmission tool for Linux / Unix systems.

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