What's New in Raysync V5.0.8.8?


Recently, Raysync released its new version V5.0.8.8. In this article, we'll interpret the eight new functions of V5.0.8.8 in detail, let's have a look!

1. Add "Delete files automatically " option

1) Click "Local storage" in the Storage option, you will find the local storage details and file delete option. The file delete setting only supports non-third-party object storage.

Raysync new version

2) Check "Delete files automatically", it supports set automatically delete files which accessed/modified X days ago. For example, you could set automatically delete files that accessed seven days ago.

file transfer

3) Set the directory to recycle the deleted files. All files automatically cleaned by users will be recycled to this directory, where users can retrieve files or clean files with one click.

2. File transfer in priority

When there is more than one task waiting to be transmitted to the client, the task will be transferred in sequence. If you want to transfer one of the tasks in priority, you could click the "Top priority" icon to sort all the transfer tasks.

high-speed file transfer

3. Add Google cloud storage

Google cloud storage is added to the third-party cloud storages.

file sharing

4. Support copy and paste the file path

Raysync supports copying and pasting the file paths. For files with a deep directory, you could copy the path and forward it to your partners, and the they can quickly access the designated file/folder by pasting the path, which saving the time of step-by-step clicking.

enterprise file transfer

5. Support query download times and user IP

You could query about the download times and IP address of the shared files with this new function.

small team file transfer

6. Support set the number of transferred files in parallel

In general, the number of transferred files depends on the number of CPU-core. In V5.0.8.8, we add a new function to set the number of transferred files in parallel.

Note: if the number you set to transfer in parallel exceeds the quantity of CPU cores, files will still be transmitted according to the number of CPU cores.

free file transfer tool

7. Support set whether to enable password for file sharing

Raysync V5.0.8.8 supports enable or disable the sharing password. Besides, users are supported to custom the passwords (Note:the password must not exceed 8 digits).

free file transfer software

8. Both files and folders can be selected for uploading

Raysync optimizes the file uploading function, the new version supports selecting files and folders to upload at the same time, making it easier for users to operate and use.

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