10 Best High-speed File Transfer Software in 2024

In some cases, you need to send important files to customers as soon as possible, but they cannot be attached because the files are too large. Or, you may come across a cute cat video and want to send it to your friends, but you cannot send it because your connection is too slow.

Such trivial things should not disrupt your work rhythm. Don't worry, because file transfer software can eliminate this inefficiency. This article mainly introduces the top 10 best high-speed file transfer software in 2021, which can meet your multiple needs.

high speed file transfer software

1. IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera is a cloud-based file transfer software used to send and receive files in various formats. Besides, IBM Aspera Connect allows administrators to control and monitor the flow of data throughout the organization. By quickly and securely share large filesand large amounts of data, you can connect with your team on a global scale.

Features of IBM Aspera Connect

1) Use IBM Aspera on Cloud for secure data transfer. Aspera file transfer uses blockchain to add more security layers when transferring data.

2) IBM Aspera high-speed transmission server: No matter the size of the data to be transmitted, IBM Aspera connect sends data without delay at the recording speed

3) Feasible access: Users can easily access shared and received files across multiple data centers and cloud storage.

4) Better collaboration: IBM Aspera high-speed transmission allows users to collaborate with internal and external users and determine the access rights each user gets

5) Improved administrator functions: With the help of Aspera file transfer, administrators can better control end-to-end operations related to data transfer.

Advantages of Aspera data transfer

Suitable for transferring large amounts of data

Highly secure platform for users to exchange information

User-friendly interface

Disadvantages of Aspera file transfer

IBM Aspera may not be suitable for small businesses

The software may experience performance issues when it is updated

IBM Aspera pricing: IBM Aspera can provide a 90-day free trial period. To learn more about the IBM Aspera pricing plan, please request a callback.


Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solution provider, dedicated to meeting the needs of high speed large data transfers with high security regardless of file size, distance or network conditions, providing enterprises with fast, safe, stable, cost-efficient, and convenient large file transfer services.


High-speed transmission: Raysync file transfer protocol solves the issue of slow file transfers caused by network impairments such as latency and packet loss.

File Synchronization: According to the user's preset, the transmission task is executed periodically.Support two-way sync and set sync schedule intelligently.

Point to Point Transfer: The file is directly transmitted between the two clients without passing through the server.

File collaboration: File sharing, sending and receiving large files through a link with your organization and partners.


100 times faster than FTP

Enterprise-level security to protect your files during transfer.

Easy to integrate

Stable and reliable

Bandwidth utilization rate is more than 96%

File transfer is not affected by distance


Need to download the client

Raysync Pricing: Raysync can provide 100GB of download traffic for free trial, and there is no time limit until the traffic is used up.In addition, Raysync has launched a discount package suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises: Raysync SMB, which only costs $599/year with up to 50 user accounts, and each user account can be as low as $11.98/year. To learn more about the Raysync pricing plan, please request a callback.

3. File Fisher

File Fisheris a data-sharing software for Windows 10 file transfer. With just a few clicks, File Fisher can copy or move files from one folder to another, or from one directory to another. Using File Fisher as the file transfer software, you can see the log window and preserve the file structure.


Enhanced customization: Users can customize software functions according to file size and format.

Control how data is shared or received: Windows file transfer software can control how to share data with pause, resume and cancel buttons

Support USB connection: Can be connected to portable devices such as USB to facilitate the file transfer

Save file structure: Can create subfolders without disturbing the existing file structure

Copy at the same time: The user can copy all the data existing in the folder at the same time


User-friendly interface

The availability of files that can be transferred as one or other types of filters


The main window of the application may be messy for some users

Pricing-This is a free file transfer software that anyone can use.

4. Dabel Mover

DabelMoveris one of the powerful Windows file transfer software, in which users can send and receive multiple directories at once. After DabelMover completes the data transfer, it will not leave any traces in the Windows registry. The seamless performance of DabelMover will not cause any pressure on the existing resources of the system.


Portability: DabelMover can be copied on portable devices such as USB and carried with you

Impressive layout: The layout of DabelMover ensures that users perform daily tasks with minimal effort

Suitable for beginners: The easy-to-understand features mean that even people who are not familiar with this software can start using it.

Built-in browse button: This button eliminates excessive reliance on drag and drop options

Better function: The software allows batch processing of data


Easy to use for beginners

User-friendly layout


Only 5 operations can be performed related to moving multiple directories

Compared with other file transfer software, the function is limited

Pricing-This is a completely free file transfer software.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular Windows file transfer software, which enables users to share and receive data through the cloud. Dropbox is good at sharing files that run into a few megabytes or gigabytes of data. Dropbox is one of the most popular file transfer software in the world, which can be used for professional and personal purposes.


Automatic feature update: The data in the device photo library can be automatically updated to the cloud

Offline access: Users can access their shared or received files even if they are not connected online

Convert to PDF: By scanning the documents with the phone camera, they can be converted to PDF and uploaded to the cloud

Seamless sharing: Users can share important files by sending the link to the relevant person, even if they do not have a Dropbox account.

Mass storage: After registration, each new user will get approximately 2 TB of storage space.


Instant data backup to the cloud

Can retrieve earlier versions of modified files

Easy-to-understand functions


Some users may find the desktop version is better than the mobile version

There was a problem reading certain file types (such as .cbz).

Dropbox file transfer software pricing

Dropbox pricing

6. Google Drive

Almost no one has ever used Google Drive to send or receive data. Google Drive is the ubiquitous PC to android file transfer software that can be used to exchange data between computers, phones, and tablets. Files in Google Drive are automatically backed up, so even if they are lost from physical storage, you can easily retrieve them from Google Drive.


Multiple access levels: You can set up controls to view, edit, or comment on documents shared through Google Drive.

Offline access: With this file transfer software for PC, you can access shared and received documents even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Easy search options: Google Drive allows you to search for recent documents and files by name or content.

Easy upload: The phone’s camera can be used to scan photos and documents and upload them to Google Drive.

Powered by AI: Google Drive file transfer software uses artificial intelligence to generate important files that may require your immediate attention.


Easily share documents with multiple people

Can see what changes have been made to the document

Since it is a Google product, users can expect impeccable security of their private data


If there is a network issue, Google Drive may not work properly

15 GB of space seems insufficient for large enterprises

Google Drive File Sharing Software Pricing-The price details mentioned here apply to G-suite, and Google Drive is also part of it.

google drive pricing

7. Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft team is a collaboration tool, which is a file-sharing of PC software. The company uses this team to send or receive information within its rank or with customers. Microsoft Teams PC to mobile file transfer software can be connected through chat, voice call, and video call. For users who are working on the project at the same time, the Microsoft Teams PC to Android file transfer software allows real-time sending, receiving, and editing of data in doc, ppt or excel table format.


Dedicated communication: You can connect and transmit data to a specific group of individuals through dedicated channels.

Enhanced function: Using Microsoft Teams as the file transfer software can provide you with unparalleled features of the entire Office 365 suite.

Improved user experience: The Microsoft Teams application is easier for beginners to use, so in large organizations, it is the official means of communication.

Better function: Compared with other web file transfer software, the Microsoft Teams mobile application is comparable to its desktop version.

Enable settings for digital workspace: Due to its superiority in e-mail communication, Teams is a powerful tool for establishing a digital workplace where employees can work from home.


Availability of Office 365 suite features

Excellent collaboration tool

Secure data transmission between users


Sometimes, the team may need a lot of RAM, which affects other functions For small organizations, the entire Office 365 suite of Teams can be a bit expensive.

Free pricing (Microsoft team only). Detailed information about the price of the entire kit can be obtained from Techjockey.

8. Sendo

Among all PC-to-PC file transfer software on the market without Internet, Sendo is invincible because it guarantees safe and fast transfer. Sendo uses the hotspot of the device to send and receive files in different formats, such as images, videos, audios, etc.


User Interface: Easy-to-use interface with simple but fascinating features

Support sharing different file formats: Users can even share and receive applications or apk files.

Safe storage: All transferred data is backed up in the local SD card

Compact size: Sendofile transfer application can run without consuming a lot of system memory

Regularly updated: The file transfer application will be updated with the latest features in time to keep it powerful.


Useful in emergencies without internet

Small size and simple interface

You can even share the entire application other than files


The app requires several permissions, such as Bluetooth, hotspot, and storage permissions, which may be annoying for some users

Pricing-Sendo is a free file transfer application that can be downloaded.

9. Send Anywhere

Sending to any place is a PC-to-PC file transfer software, which can be used to transfer files in different formats without the Internet. Applications sent to anywhere need a one-time 6-digit code to set up file exchange between the two devices. For devices that you often send data to, there is no need to enter this 6-digit code, which is convenient for customers to use.


Support multiple sharing: By creating a link and sharing this link, users can send data or important files to multiple devices in a single instant

Different ways to send large files: Large files can be sent using the web version of the app or the Chrome plug-in

Better security: File transfer is protected by 256-bit strong encryption.

No need to change the original data: Use Send Anywhere file transfer software to send high-resolution images or videos without changing the quality.

Compatibility: The Send Anywhere file transfer app works on both Android and iOS


High-speed data transmission

It can even be used to transfer large media files

Secure online and offline data transmission


File transfer applications can sometimes be plagued by unnecessary advertisements.

The paid version of the app has a memory limit of 50 GB, which may be insufficient for some users

Pricing-This is a free file transfer software with limited features. The price details of the paid version can be obtained from the official website.

10. Xender

Xender is an android to PC file transfer software for sending and receiving personal and professional data. The software can run normally on both Android and iOS, and files in different formats can be shared through this application. The main USP of Xender is that it can convert video files to audio files after the transfer is complete.


High-speed transmission: In this file transfer software from mobile phone to PC, the transfer speed can reach 40 Mb/s

Connect with social media: The application can be connected to social media profiles, where you can download and share favorite videos.

Easy to share large files: The software can send or receive large applications or apk files to share files

Convenient for backup: Xender's file transfer application helps to create local backups and routinely clean up old or unwanted files

Multi-language support: This android to PC file transfer software can be provided in popular foreign languages to provide a satisfactory user experience.


Easy to use even for beginners

Suitable for sharing large files and applications

Compatible with multiple operating systems


The phone clone option may not be suitable for some users

Transferring large files (such as movies) may cause the file transfer application to crash several times

Pricing-This is a free file transfer application that can be moved to the PC.

In conclusion

If you are familiar with the 10 high-speed file transfer software mentioned above, you might as well try raysync, which is also a high-speed file transfer software. Raysync's high file transfer solutions enable you to send files of any size or format at maximum speed, hundreds of times faster than FTP. The price is flexible, and a more suitable plan can be made according to the needs of the enterprise.

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