Eight Essential Elements of Excellent File Delivery System

When "Big Data" roared through the defense line of traditional information architecture and brought unprecedented commercial data and Internet information, enterprises ushered in business opportunities and faced severe challenges. How to ensure efficiency, compliance and security, and how to eliminate the threat of data governance, this requires enterprises to make clear the basic requirements of file sending and sharing.


Excellent file delivery system needs at least the following 8 basic elements:

1. Content Protection

Office documents/technical packages/design drawings/audio/video content... All kinds of documents have different security specifications, so enterprises need to be able to master the creation, sending, accessing and downloading of various documents and implement effective protection measures.

2. Operation Permission

Correctly understand the existing organizational structure of the enterprise, accurately design and process the permissions of members and departments, and give users the corresponding functional permissions to operate files.

3. Audit Trails

Strict auditing mechanisms such as service detection, vulnerability scanning, penetration scanning, and process auditing, as well as risk avoidance strategies, strengthen the enterprise data security defense line and supplement the authority system.

4. High-efficient Transmission

It is not limited to file size, type and quantity, and has no fear of transnational and ultra-long-distance transmission, and always ensures efficient, stable and complete file transmission and efficient linkage of business data.

5. User Management

User information, operation authority, flow control, and outgoing supervision are all kept, and internal employees and external partners are managed separately, which is suitable for complex business scenarios of enterprises.

6. Security Encryption

Build enterprise data information network firewall to effectively resist network attacks and virus intrusion; Form a safe transmission mechanism to prevent the leakage of files during storage and outgoing.

7. Event Notification

Equipped with the visual file management notification function, enterprises can establish contact with files and users, supervise files anytime and anywhere, and improve compliance and safety awareness for users.

8. Traceable Flow

Documents can be supervised in the company, and they should be controlled outside the company.

Based on the above demand points, can an enterprise choose a file delivery solution that meets its own enterprise needs? The answer is obviously not. The real solution of file delivery should not only consider the actual business needs but also analyze the enterprise's own situation. Only by combining these two to make a targeted solution, as such, the document can be achieved to the ideal effect.

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