Enterprise Bonus! Say Goodbye to Large File Transfer Anxiety

Raysync enterprise

Raysync New Year Bonus in 2021: The transmission tools have been put in place to help enterprises easily cope with the problems of large file transfer, massive small file transmission, slow, latency and packet loss of transnational file transmission.

Product: Raysync SMB

Date: 6 Feb. 2021– 10 Mar. 2021(Enterprise Only)

Application Limitation: Apply only once for one phone number

Time Limitation: 15 days (Accounting from the day you activate the license)

The way to participate: Visit www.raysync.io-> Apply Now

High-efficiency large file transfer for enterprise

1. High-performance Transfer

Raysync ultra-high-speed transmission protocol+intelligent compression +I/O optimization and other technologies, the file transfer speed is increased to 100 times that of FTP, which can easily meet the extremely fast transmission requirements of TB-level large files and massive small files. Make full use of network bandwidth, effectively reduce the impact of network latency and packet loss, and ensure the efficient and stable transmission of ultra-long-distance and cross-border large files.

2. Multiple Transfer Modes

Raysync supports providing multiple modes of transmission according to different transmission initiators. It supports point-to-point, multi-point mutual transmission, data cloud transmission, one-to-many data distribution, and other modes. Raysync also provides exclusive user and user group space, supports specific authority management, and builds exclusive assistance space and file transmission requirements across departments and companies.

3. Bank-standard Security

In order to ensure the security of data movement and prevent data leakage, cracking, monitoring, and other security issues, Raysync strengthens the security control of internal data communication, adopts AES-256 encryption technology of online banking, and uses SSL encryption transmission in the transmission process to effectively ensure data security. At the same time, Raysync adopts the setting of access rights and OS rights, thus achieving stricter access control.

4. Powerful Storage

Raysync supports free switching between local storage and three-party cloud platform storage (mainstream public cloud object storage such as Huawei Cloud OBS, Alibaba Cloud OSS, AWS S3, Azure Blob, and S3 interface compatible cloud services), and huge data can be stored, giving full play to the full value of data.

5. Fast Deployment & Technical Support

It takes only 3 steps to complete the deployment quickly and reduce the construction cost of the enterprise system (Enterprise version supports stand-alone deployment, double-click active/standby deployment, application-layer load balancing mode deployment and 4-layer load balancing mode deployment). The operation interface is convenient and concise, with complete functions. It can access and manage file data anytime and anywhere, and professional technicians can provide 7x24 service.

System Architecture

Raysync system

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