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Tired of sharing files with slow internet?

Join our free webinar and live demo sessions to learn how Raysync offers you a high-speed solution that is 200 times faster than your traditional FTP transfer methods, utilizing up to 96% of your bandwidth that fulfil your demand efficiently!

Date: 11AM - 12PM, 18th August 2021

In this webinar, you may learn:

- Who we are?

  • Robust HPC & Raysync

  • Introducing Raysync: The Fast File Transfer Solution

  • A patented tranmission protocol utilizing up to 96% of your bandwidth and transfer files at long-distance across borders at maximum speed.

  • A complete enterprise solution for secure file-sharing, collaboration and management.

  • Product & Interactive Demo:

  • Demo: Transnational transfer between different locations

  • Demo: Download/Upload tests from participants

  • Showcasing the Admin Console & User Interface

  • Q&A + Prize Giveaways

Win prize giveaways that worth $3599 during our interactive session:

  • 1x Raysync Enterprise License with Unlimited users (6-months subscription)

  • 2x Raysync SMB License with maximum 50 users (6-months subscription)

  • 10x Touch 'n Go Cash Credits worth RM20

More info regarding Raysync:

We’re proud that Raysync - our Cross-Border, High-Performance and Large File Transmission Enterprise Solution, is able to tackle your needs. With its industry-leading core technology in the transmission engine, Raysync is able to transfer your files blazingly fast, in fact, 80-90% faster than your conventional FTP that fulfils your demand efficiently.

Massive Small File Transfer

Raysync is designed with a new data access technology to make sure that the upload speed for your small file transfers can reach up to 4,981 files per second and a download speed of 5293 files per second!! This translates to a transfer speed that is 200 times faster than FTP and 2 times quicker than your read/write speed on your local drives! This dramatically improves data transmission efficiency, stability, and effectively reduces data latency.

Transfer Speed Acceleration Upgrade

Raysync’s ultra-high-speed transmission operation is simple, with the transmission engine activated, it will allow the FTP transmission speed to be increased by a thousand times, achieving a speed ratio of 100:1 second. Based on the new UDP protocol and congestion control mechanism, our Raysync team utilise the new ACK algorithm to quickly recover any packet loss and avoid congestion queues, which greatly increases the transmission speed and maintains stability.

Cross-Border Secure File Transfer

Raysync adopts an advanced transmission technology that is unaffected by network delay and packet loss, making it more stable and efficient than the traditional file transmission technologies such as FTP, HTTP or CIFS. Raysync is also designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-deploy supporting cross-platform operations, free from file size and network type restrictions, thus enabling large-scale, and cross-border TB-levels large file transfers.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-Speed Transfer: The unique transmission optimization protocol in Raysync provides businesses with the best network experience with 99.9% availability.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Standardized equipment is easy to install and supports bypass deployment to greatly reduce implementation costs.

  • Flexibility to Expand: The newly added networking point has zero impact on the original network structure and has superior scalability that help resolves the expansion of branches at any time.

  • Secure Data: Users can set passwords freely and encrypt them with asymmetric RSA/AES algorithm. The operation is blazingly fast and extremely secure while maintaining low consumption of system resources.

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