[2022] Best High-speed FTP Solution
File transfer protocol , which belongs to the application layer protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite. It is a reliable transfer protocol that runs on top of the TCP protocol. The function of FTP solution is to realize file distribution and sharing among users, and network administrator will use FTP when performing business operations such as version upgrades, log downloads, and configuration saving. What is FTP Solution? What is a high-speed FTP solution? There is a lot of high-speed FTP software out there, and they all have a similar concept of uploading and downloading. That is to say, when enterprise users try out the high-speed FTP solution, they can copy files from the remote host to their own computer, and can also transfer their own files from the local server to the remote host. So, what are the benefits of high-speed FTP solutions? The first is that the operation is very simple, and the FTP high speed transfer software is suitable for enterprises of different sizes. In addition, FTP can not only transfer multiple files, but also transfer multiple folders at the same time. Moreover, users can also use high-speed FTP software to download files at the same time when uploading files. In addition, High-speed FTP software usually supports multiple transfer protocols, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, etc., which is good for enterprises with different file transfer needs. Best High-speed FTP Solutions 1. FileZilla FileZilla is an open-source high-speed FTP software that has been chosen by various businesses since its release. Transfer files using the FileZilla client, which supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols. As the earliest high-speed FTP software on the market, FileZilla has many features to make file transfers more efficient. As an enterprise-class large file transfer software, FileZilla software supports multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linus, BSD, and Mac OS X. In addition, in order to make the software more in line with the needs of enterprises, FileZilla also supports a variety of file and folder functions. For example, users can perform remote file editing, and can also set filename filters for massive files. 2. Transmit Released in 2005, Transmit is a high-speed FTP software specially designed for macOS. It has a remote synchronization function and SSH password generation function. It is very suitable for commercial use and supports SFTP and FTP protocols. In addition, it also supports protocols such as Amazon's S3 protocol and WebDAV. Transmit should be the most popular high-speed FTP solution on the Mac, supporting multiple tabs to open multiple sites at the same time, as well as a remote search of directory files. This is useful for teams that need to collaborate remotely. Moreover, Transmit also provides a lot of support for adapting to the Apple system, such as a unique style of the user interface, and support for the migration of new Mac devices. 3. SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server SolarWinds Serv-U is a simple, affordable and easy-to-use high-speed FTP server software that supports FTP and FTPS protocols, and uses SSL/TLS protocol to encrypt files to ensure the security of file transfers, and supports IPv4 and IPv6. It is worth mentioning that Serv-U not only supports mobile devices, but also supports uploading files on the web. Additionally, Serv-U has added support for files larger than 3GB. To make up for the FTP software's support for file security features, Serv-U allows you to set transfer bandwidth, storage, and access rights, as well as view detailed information about each file transfer. 4. is an MFT file transfer platform that supports FTP, SFTP, and AS2 standard file transfer protocols, and is a SaaS software. supports the integrated application of dozens of software, which provides great convenience for users. Users can easily integrate directly into existing software such as OneDrive, Google Cloud/Drive, and Dropbox. Users can also use SDK or API to achieve customized integration. In addition to regular file transfer features, also supports file synchronization between servers and third-party cloud storage. Remote server mounts are also supported, for example, users can log into to view files in other storage. 5. Citrix ShareFile Different from other FTP clients, ShareFile is a high-speed FTP server that currently only supports FTP transfers, not support SFTP. With powerful real-time collaboration capabilities and protection of sensitive data, ShareFile is a good helper for teams to send and receive files securely. With ShareFile, members of a team can edit and view files remotely in real-time, as well as set up approval processes and individual deadlines for a file. At the same time, considering the protection of other important documents such as contracts, ShareFile provides a fast and simple electronic signature function, and can also send signed documents directly to your inbox. 6. ExaVault Cloud FTP ExaVault Cloud FTP is a platform adapted to the needs of modern file transfers, supporting APIs and supporting automatic and manual file transfers. ExaVault Cloud has a real-time backup function, all files are backed up in real time and encrypted during file transfer using SFTP and FTPS. Additionally, to ensure the integrity of file transfers, ExaVault Cloud can automatically resume transfers if file transfers are interrupted. To match the needs of enterprise users, ExaVault Cloud allows users to set custom file transfer information such as name, job number, email, etc. You can also customize the file receiving box by matching the company's logo. 7. MOVEit MOVEit is also a MFT solution. At the same time, as a high-speed FTP solution, MOVEit supports Windows, SaaS, iPhone, iPad, and Android. MOVEit's security performance is generally regarded as the best among software of its kind. It is equipped with FTP SSL for secure file exchange, and ensures that usernames and passwords are encrypted throughout the file transfer process. In terms of compatibility, MOVEit provides a flexible deployment architecture. In addition, MOVEit Transfer, MOVEit Cloud and other diverse module options meet the different needs of enterprises. MOVEit also provides a cloud-based file transfer and management solution, which not only provides access to cloud-based files anytime, anywhere, but also provides file security measures for enterprise management. For example, you can centrally control all accounts, monitor file transfer activity, encrypt file transfers, and more. Therefore, MOVEit is very suitable for users who need to frequently exchange documents inside and outside the enterprise, and also suitable for various IT and enterprise departments for internal data management and workflow tracking. How to Choose High-speed FTP Solution for 2022? File transfer solutions are critical to the efficient and secure operation of a business. With the many high-speed FTP solutions on the market, choosing the right software can minimize the risk of corporate file transfers. To this end, enterprises can consider many aspects from the program features, functions, security performance, and price. Each high-speed FTP software is competitive in a specific field and industry, but there is no guarantee that its features will work for all companies. Companies should summarize suitable software on the basis of being familiar with their own business and workflow. Let's say, for companies that need to frequently exchange files with people outside the enterprise, MOVEit or ShareFile can be selected as the enterprise FTP solution. Because this software has complete file security and audit guarantees, it can protect enterprises by reducing file transfer risks. For companies with corporate image requirements, the requirements for software customization will be higher. If there is software that supports custom enterprise portals and transport interfaces, it is for you. Conclusion This article introduces a total of seven high-speed FTP transfer software. Enterprises can choose the appropriate software according to their own needs. And please consider the performance of FTP software from the perspectives of security performance, file permission control, and real-time monitoring of enterprise management.
What is UDP File Transfer APP for Business?
What is UDP File Transfer APP for Business? During enterprise file transfer, especially in the media, news and other industries, it is often necessary to send back the timely materials collected in the mobile phone to the headquarters or server for storage. At times like these, people often choose to upload the file and then manually download it when they return to the company or need a colleague to help with the manual download. What is UDP? User Datagram Protocol is a file transfer protocol that supports connectionless, that is to say when transferring files, using the UDP protocol can provide software with a method that can be sent directly without repeated confirmation. The UDP transmission protocol guarantees high-speed file transmission and does not guarantee the reliability of the transmitted data package. UDP is used in many File sharing apps for business. Breaking the speed bottleneck of file transfer, the biggest feature of UDP is the fast transfer speed, which is the core technology of many enterprise-level file transfer software. From these perspectives, the UDP transport protocol provides the greatest support for the timely delivery of files. What is UDP File Transfer APP for Business? UDP large file transfer tool is usually installed in Win & Mac side, basically,there is no UDP mobile phone transfer APP. In order to solve this drawback, Raysync developed phone side, to help solve the difficulties of phone large file transfer. As the world's first company to support UDP mobile phone file transfer, Raysync makes it possible to seamlessly transfer mobile phone files to computer storage. As a UDP file transfer APP for business, Raysync mobile APP supports Android and iOS.Imagine having such a UDP file transfer APP for business, you can seamlessly transfer files from your mobile phone to any computer storage where the Raysync client is deployed anytime, anywhere. The whole process is simple and fast, and the mobile phone files will be automatically transferred to the computer for local storage without going through a third-party server, ensuring the security and reliability of file transfer. In addition, the cumbersome workflow of uploading to cloud storage and downloading manually is no longer necessary. Raysync UDP File Transfer APP, combined with the self-developed high-speed transfer protocol, can ensure the fast delivery of files. For users in the media and broadcasting industry, the material video collected at will, and the audio report recorded on the spot can be transmitted to your office in a timely and accurate manner, and no longer need to care about the limitations of remote file transferring. Moreover,since the Raysync APP is peer-to-peer high-speed transmission, it is the same as the Raysync client. The user's file transfer will not go through the Raysync server. That is to say, Raysync is different from cloud-based file transfer software. Raysync will not store or upload any files of the customer, which is the greatest guarantee for the security of file assets. Any cloud-based file transfer software has potential security breach risks, and Raysync File sharing APP for business perfectly avoids this. In terms of user experience, Raysync Mobile UDP file transfer APP for business provides an introductory interface and a complete file transfer and sharing process. Like Raysync Client, users can also add multiple peer-to-peer transmission devices on the APP, and can also set file transmission passwords, email notifications, expiration dates and other information. What are the Benefits of Raysync Mobile APP? 1. Avoid potential file security threats from third-party cloud storage software Raysync Mobile APP provides peer-to-peer UDP high-speed file transfer service and provides end-to-end encryption. Raysync does not provide storage, and users do not need to worry about files being uploaded to the cloud. 2. Improve the file transfer workflow of mobile phone-computer-server-team There are many file transfer software on the market, but Raysync is the first solution provider that supports both mobile phone APP and computer client UDP high-speed transfer. The emergence of Raysync UDP file transfer APP for business solves the increasing dependence of enterprises on mobile office work at work. Through the proposal of a complete set of high speed large file transfer solutions, Raysync improves the workflow of enterprises and improves the efficiency of file transfer. 3. Provides end-to-end encryption for file transfer from phone to computer Unless a data cable is used, the file transfer from the mobile phone to the computer needs to go through a third-party server or cloud storage. Now, Raysync File sharing APP for business closes this loophole, end-to-end file transfer guarantees 100% file security. Conclusion In today's increasingly remote work and mobile office, enterprises must not ignore the need for file transfer from mobile phones to computers. Raysync mobile APP not only supports the transfer of pictures and videos, but also does not limit the file size, and can even transfer folders. This enables businesses to transfer files and communicate anytime, anywhere.
Interview with Plangle Studio,  An Animation and VFX Studio
Founded in 2018, Plangle Studio is an animation and VFX studio based in India. With high-quality VFX and animation content and a quality team, Plangel Studio's first project, Ninnanthor Yaaru Ilvallo, was a huge success. Today, we are honoured to invite Prajwal Vas, founder and CEO of Plangle Studio, to share with us his thoughts on projects and file transfers, as well as the studio's future plans. Hi Prajwal! We would like to express our sincere gratitude for letting us interview you today. Would you please introduce yourself and Plangle Studio? Yeah, my name is Prajwal Vas and I’m from Plangle Studio, we are based in Bangladesh of India. Basically, we mostly do animation and visual effects. We have a small team of 15 people. Mostly we composited 3D animation. We also plan to learn about intellectual property as well. Your studio has won the Best Indie Studio Award at Ann Awards 2022, congratulations! Could you share with us the most impressive project? Yeah. Recently, we won the ANN Awards for the best independent studio. The studio was started almost four years back, and our team have grown from 3 to 6 to 15 right at the moment. During that time, mostly we were trying to do in-house projects. And then recently we went commercial creating content for other people. One of the most popular projects that we did recently was Ninnanthor Yaaru Ilvallo, it is a three-minute animated film. Animated by the handling of 4D animation style. And so this is basically done in Blender. Most of the artwork was done by us. It was part of a marketing campaign for a bigger feature film named Daredevil Musthafa. This has been our most notable project so far because of the amount of work that was involved in creating the 2D content and also our love for anime and the style that we tried to get into the project. Because of this animation project, we got recognized locally and as well as internationally. How long does post-production usually take for an episode? It depends. Post-production generally takes maybe two to three weeks or two to four months sometimes. But when we create our own content, we've been developing something and we've been working for an episode and we've been working for almost six months now. What is the transfer volume in a month? Most of the time, the directors of the producers get us hard drives, so most of the data volume gets transferred locally rather than through the Internet. But we've been talking to a lot of other clients who have been sending us files over the Internet, which are around five terabytes. Okay, and what challenges has your team encountered in the transfer? Most people will use services like Google Drive and One Drive, we have used that once, but what happens is when you have terabytes of data and have file sizes which are 30MB or 40MB per image, that volume of data that gets transferred becomes very tricky to download. If you use Google Drive, you might sometimes have corrupted image sequences or zip files which don’t get downloaded properly. So we've encountered a lot of different problems. Sometimes the data gets corrupted, sometimes the speed level drops, and other times it's very hard for us to compress and then send it across as well. Because the data bandwidth is not 100% stable from where we are. Sometimes the bandwidth keeps shifting from slow to fast and then fast to slow. So sometimes the data transfers quickly and then it slows down. Syncing and privacy are also big issues. You mentioned Google, right? So what other transfer software have you used before? We've used much free software, we use File Zilla, Transmit, Google Drive, and One Drive. But we didn't find a really fast solution. Could you please talk about how Raysync helped your team overcome these difficulties? We thought Raysync was a very powerful alternative. Before we got the trial version of Raysync, the general technique that would happen is it would take up to 4 hours to upload the data to a cloud and then from that cloud it would take another 4 hours for us to download. Assuming it would be somewhere around 500 to a terabyte of data. So it would take us probably a day to get things sorted out if there were any issues. But when we did the trial run of Raysync and we found the speed was fantastic, despite our local bandwidth, within an hour we were able to transfer and upload and download data, which took us probably eight to 9 hours before. And that was incredibly powerful. We've not seen anything like it in terms of data transfer. Raysync is a really big game-changer. How did you get to know Raysync? We've been trying to look at a lot of service providers and then LinkedIn also became one of the marketing places where we bought some people sending us marketing emails. We had a look and then we also went through Google searches. We found and read the Raysync white paper, then we understood that you were trying new technology. What features of Raysync you're satisfied with? It's a complete package. I think the console is pretty good. The ability to control upload download, speed is very good. The ability to set passwords download and upload is pretty good. I think in all it has everything that one would require, at least professionally to sort of work with. As a professional, I would say that this is the better software that one can use to easily upload and download. We've used Google Drive, which really works well, but the ability to get into the clients is sort of older. And the speed is just incredible, the speed is probably the underlying factor of why we choose Raysync. Cool. So any suggestions for our product and our service? We just used it for some time. I think you're doing a fantastic job and I definitely want to congratulate all of them who are involved in these things. I think you guys have been fantastic and we are lucky to have received this, probably the efficient stages of Raysync. And I think it can go a long way, especially in the visual effects industry. Okay, thank you. That's all for the questions. Thanks for your time. Are you doing some projects? Yes. At the moment we are working on two or three local language Kannada films, and we are doing a bit of CG animation and live-action. We are also writing a couple of scripts to work on our own content, something along the lines of previously animated films. And we are looking forward to doing more of this content development. Thank you. Have a nice day.
What are the Benefits of File Transfer Software?
In our work, we can’t avoid being interrupted when transferring data and unable to transfer important data to relevant personnel. This situation often happens. To solve the problem of data transfer, we now need a high-speed file transfer solution to transfer data. Or when sharing data, it can be done easily and efficiently, and it will no longer be impossible to attach because the file is too large or the connection speed is too slow to send. What is File Transfer Software? File transfer software is a tool that facilitates data sharing or reception between two or more users with or without an Internet connection. When the data to be transferred is too large or the format cannot be read using traditional file sharing methods, sharing or receiving files is a great application. What are the Benefits of File Transfer Software? Savvy business acumen may think about the need for high-speed file sharing software to transfer files. Even before the rise of the Internet, data sharing methods still existed. But there have been many changes since then. PC-to-PC file transfer software or PC-to-mobile file transfer via WiFi software has huge benefits, which are vital to your business.Here are four various benefits of File Transfer Software. 1.Save Useful Resources PC file transfer software can send data faster with minimal errors. By using the best file transfer software, companies can save employees a lot of energy and time to save critical information. Comparing this method of web file sharing with basic modes , you will realize which method is more effective for your business. Help connect with different types of users Large enterprises and companies extend their services to a variety of different users. By using file transfer software, they can ensure that they send the correct file to the user in the shortest time without replacing the file. 2.Facilitate Dealing With International Customers Companies that use file sharing software can easily contact their international customers and send them the data they need without worrying about time zone distance differences. This also means that the cost of transporting couriers for international customers is now a thing of the past, because PC-to-PC file transfer software and PC-to-mobile file sharing software simplify the entire process of sending or receiving data. 3.Help Establish Remote Workplaces With the impact of the pandemic, file transfer software has become increasingly important. It makes it easy for employees working from home on the same project to send and get files. 4.An Important Step Towards A Paperless World Given how much paper is wasted in corporate offices and the corresponding environmental impact, file transfer software has led global companies to improve efficiency. File transfer software for PC, Android, or iPhone can connect multiple employees of the same company and enable them to work without using a piece of paper. Raysync File Transfer Software Aimed at the sharing of large and small files in enterprises, the Raysync solution is dedicated to meeting the data sharing needs of enterprises or external partners, providing efficient and controllable accelerated transmission of large files, ultra-long distance, transnational network data transfer, and file Asset security outsourcing, file management, and organizational authority management, support local deployment and cloud services, and provide enterprises with safe, stable, efficient and convenient large file interactive technical support and services.
[2022] The Solution For Transfer Large Files
More and more enterprises are seeking large file transfer solutions to improve the efficiency and stability of file and data transfer. Mature file transfer solutions feature stable transfer, low latency, high security and fast transfer speed. Here are a few suitable methods for enterprises to transfer files, if you are interested, please read on. Solution for large file sharing 1. The speed of file transfer The speed of file transfer depends on the quality of the transfer protocol and the utilization of network bandwidth. Traditional TCP and UDP, the former has high transfer reliability, but the speed is too slow, and the latter has guaranteed speed but insufficient reliability. Raysync high speed file transfer solution is developed based on the transfer performance of UDP, breaking through the defects of traditional FTP and HTTP transfer. Its transfer rate is increased by 100X and the bandwidth utilization rate is increased to 96%. Intelligently accelerate the transfer throughout the entire process, and can also avoid the high packet loss rate due to network delays, and greatly accelerate the efficiency of file outsourcing. The multi-dimensional transfer format meets the demand for extremely fast transfer of TB-level large files and massive small files. 2. Timeliness and security of file synchronization File synchronization, real-time synchronization of files is what currently needs file synchronization software to do. In terms of file synchronization technology, Raysync uses file intelligent two-way synchronization. Intelligent two-way synchronization has fixed-point synchronization and real-time synchronization. We can create synchronization tasks according to actual needs. In terms of security technology, the financial-level AES-256+TLS encryption algorithm is adopted, and the data security net is strong and dense. 3. Data backup To ensure the validity of data backup, Raysync can set up a hash check for file transfer. Hash verification is a verification system designed to ensure the correctness of files and prevent some people from embezzling programs, adding some Trojan horses, or tampering with copyright. Each file can use the Hash MD5 verification program to calculate a fixed MD5 code. Hash verification is often used on forums and when the software is released. When the hash check is turned on, after the file transfer is completed, the system will check the file after the transfer and the file on the server to ensure the integrity of the file. We often say that backup is a life-saving straw for accidents, but the premise that this straw can save lives is that it can effectively back up when a disaster occurs. Most people's concept of "backup" still only stays at "just have a backup", but they rarely think about "whether the backup is effective". As a one-stop file big data transfer solution service provider for 2W+ enterprises, Raysync has mature technology and complete solutions in file transfer research such as file transfer acceleration, file synchronization, and data backup. For more file transfer issues, please consult Raysync. Contact us, you can also view the complete file transfer solutions for ten major industries such as film and television media, manufacturing, government agencies, IT Internet, automobiles, and finance.
[Updated] The Best Way to Share Large Files
Sharing large files is essential for most companies, but how do you ensure that the files are suitable for the right people and not everyone else? When considering factors such as security, batch transfer, and tracking, companies need more than just one-off solutions, they also need to share files with employees, customers, and trading partners. Fortunately, whether you are sending large files to recipients or allowing users to access them in the cloud, there are many options for sharing large files. Depending on your use case, some solutions may be more appropriate than others. Simple access using file sharing tools Many cloud-based file sharing tools make it easy to share large files. Upload the files you want to share with the platform of your choice and provide users with access to individual documents or entire folders. Most file sharing tools limit your storage space based on subscription plans, but still, make it easy to share large files. Using cloud-based tools to share documents with people outside the organization brings some risks, and following basic guidelines can keep you in control of data security: 1. Set specific user access permissions for files and folders Avoid allowing external users to access your internal file structure. Choose a solution that allows you to implement a password on the document. An alternative to cloud-based storage with similar functions is GoDrive, a file storage tool that helps employees and partners synchronize and share documents locally or in the cloud. Easily track file versions, comment, and track conversations in the tool. Although cloud-based storage is relatively secure, on-premises deployment options such as GoDrive give your organization complete control. 2. Use a secure email solution to send large files In some cases, you can send large files via email, but you will encounter two obstacles: file size restrictions and security standards. Most email clients limit the size of file attachments, which can be a blessing for the sender. This ensures that they will not send emails that the recipient will never receive due to large attachments, and prevents them from using oversized files to occupy space in the email client. Besides, sending files via email may expose companies to unnecessary security risks or violations. Using a simple, secure tool like Secure Mail that plugs directly into Outlook, you can easily send files from an email client or browser-based interface. Each recipient will receive a unique link to the file, making it easy to track who viewed and downloaded the file. Tips for transferring large files Other features of secure email solutions usually include sharing multiple files, setting access expiration dates, and the ability to call back files so that recipients can no longer use them. Secure email solutions are great for temporarily sharing large files, and many secure email solutions do not limit file size or file type. However, sharing files manually can be time-consuming, especially when you share large files frequently or in batches. Use more than file transfer protocols File Transfer Protocol is a popular but very old transfer method. Most organizations have evolved from FTP and often choose more secure alternatives: FTP over SFTP or SSH uses a secure channel to prevent unauthorized access when files are moved. Thanks to security features including user ID, password, and key authentication, SFTP allows only the correct user to access your files. FTPS or FTP over SSL allows you to share files with trading partners, employees, and customers after verifying the authenticity of the system. AS2 or AS4 is a common method to share EDI data safely and reliably and can be used to share any file type. The messages sent with AS2 and AS4 can be compressed, signed, and encrypted to achieve secure sharing. Share files securely with an all-in-one solution If you share files in batches regularly, a dedicated Managed File Transfer tool may be your solution. MFT enables you to easily share files of any size and know whether they have reached their destination with the help of notifications and detailed audit logs. Moreover, if you or your recipient's network connection is not normal, MFT will be suspended while sending and resume when everything resumes normal operation so that there is no "transfer failure" message in the inbox. As an added benefit, some MFT solutions include a secure email option this way, your organization can share large files with temporary emails or via MFT. MFT also allows you to track all file sharing through these two options, making the audit work quick and easy. With the help of the MFT solution, the collaboration between people is very simple; effectively share files and collaborate from any authorized computer or mobile device. MFT provides more advantages than any other tool for sharing large files. With MFT, the file size is not limited and the variability is greater,whether you have a large file or multiple files, you can ensure that the recipient will receive all the information without losing data. Besides, your documents are safe during transportation and at rest.
Big Data Promotes Government Modernization
The circulation of data has made some progress at the government level, especially since the 21st century, with the help of the power of science and technology, the collected data are more abundant, and the analysis based on these data can help decision-makers make more scientific decisions. For example, the city's mobile phone signaling data can accurately reflect the traffic congestion in each section of the city, and the traffic management department can optimize the traffic route accordingly. Data can help government departments make scientific decisions in advance and provide more convenient and comfortable services for residents. However, these big data managed by the government are heterogeneous, multi-source, massive, dynamic, and isolated, which also makes government agencies face severe challenges. Raysync simplifies the tedious IT management process for the government, and at the same time, ensures the security and controllability of documents. Ensure the security of data during sharing: Raysync adopts AES-256 and SSL encryption algorithms which are standard in the industry to ensure the security of confidential files, policies, and other key information documents; without fear of packet loss and latency, even the remote confidential cooperation of government departments and unreliable location information transmission can be safely and reliably completed. Accelerate inter-departmental cooperation to fully share the data of government agencies: support the rapid transmission of information across regions, and easily realize inter-departmental and inter-organizational cooperation. Make data easy to manage: government agencies have a large number of departments and users, and Raysync provides user management functions for management to realize hierarchical authority restrictions. A single user interface simplifies the transfer process between departments and various organizations.
Case Study: Raysync & Studio 51
Company: Studio 51 Industry: Motion Pictures & Film Product: Raysync SMB Profile: As a visual effects production studio founded in 2013, Studio 51 is dedicated to film, entertainment and advertising industries. Collaborating with the local and global network of experienced talented artists, Studio 51 can provide a broad range of creative solutions. They offer professional services including concept design, pre-production, shoot supervision, and post-production. Challenges: The challenge Studio 51 faced is to exchange data around the world. Because of the inherent problems associated with transferring large files abroad via traditional methods, such as latency and packet loss, the transfer time was unacceptably slow, resulting in avoidable downtime and overall workflow inefficiency. Solutions: To overcome the challenges, Studio 51 deployed Raysync SMB. The Raysync admin console is deployed in Hong Kong, then the fast and secure data exchanging is guaranteed between Studio 51’s other offices in Germany, Sweden, and India through Raysync high-speed transfer protocol. Raysync SMB provides Studio 51 with fast file transfer speeds and maximizes their bandwidth and guarantees that all of the content that distribute or receive arrives on time. Besides, Raysync helps Studio 51 to create multiple user groups and give them different access permission, which simplified the work procedure, made the management easier, and greatly improved the work efficiency. Results: Raysync high speed file transfer solutions enabled The Studio 51 team to edit and transfer all of their content from across the globe at blazing speeds. With the enhanced methods from Raysync SMB, the Studio 51 was able to achieve speeds hundreds of times faster than traditional methods, ensuring the delivery of large files from anywhere in the world, while providing security, reliability. Workflow: Raysync & Studio 51 Conclusion We were fortunate to work with Studio 51, and the cooperation and communication between the two parties was very smooth during the cooperation. Through this cooperation, Raysync has a deeper understanding of file transfer in the film industry and will continue to improve the transfer technology in the future. Once again, we wish studio 51 the best of luck!

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