How does the automotive industry manage data despite the difficulties in data management?

In the digital economy era driven by the new generation of information technology, data has become a new type of production elements, the national basic resources, and strategic resources, in the context of the globalization of the auto market, the cross-border and regional collaboration of products and data will become the norm for automobile companies in the future.

Part 1: Digital era, new challenges in data management for auto companies

The management of big data transmission in the auto industry faces many challenges, including diverse file types, slow transmission speed, real-time data synchronization, and coordination of multi-location transmission, platform compatibility issues, and data security risks.

1. Many files, Slow cross-regional transmission speed

➤ Lots of historical data: Auto companies need to use historical sales data, market research data, etc. to carry out analysis and decision-making, including sensor data, vehicle test data, production process data, which requires integration and transmission by multiple departments and systems.

➤ Transmission speed cannot keep up: In data transmission and file sharing, auto companies need to consider cross-regional network connection issues, such as network latency, bandwidth limitations, etc.

2. Coordination of multi-location transmission, Data needs to be synchronized in real time

➤ It is not easy to manage data: In the vehicle production process, multiple data sources need to be coordinated and integrated usually, data management requires accuracy and real-time. If cross-regional/cross-national real-time or regular transmission coordination cannot keep up, it will greatly affect real-time monitoring, quality control, and optimization of production processes.

➤ Types of data are various and scattered: Auto company files involve images, videos, sensor data, vehicle models, etc., these data distributed in different places need to be centrally managed, stored, and transmitted for integrated analysis and decision-making at the headquarters.

3. Platform compatibility, Data security risks

➤ Smooth business system: The supply chain management system, production management system, sales management system, etc. need to ensure smooth file transmission. For example, vehicle inventory and order information need to be transmitted between sales management and supply chain management, to promptly adjust production plans.

➤ Weak safety management: It is essential to ensure that this confidential information will not be leaked to competitors and encrypted and safety certifications during the transmission process to prevent data from being hacked or illegally accessed. In the process of the big data transmission of auto companies, the security of data is a key issue.

Part 2: Accelerates the comprehensive digital process of auto companie--Raysync

In the fields of intelligent driving data, unmanned driving data, vehicle networking big data, R&D design drawings, road test data, smart production data, after-sales maintenance data, etc., massive amounts of data are flowing around various scenarios of the auto industry chain and applications. To solve the pain points of transmission management for auto companies, Raysync provides targeted powerful features such as high-speed upload, large-scale object storage, fast sharing, peer-to-peer transfer, and multi-dimensional spatial control.

Through Raysync's self-developed high-speed Raysync transmission engine, it helps auto companies achieve high-speed transmission and application of various data types, such as massive video files, drawing files, audio files, image files, office files, and so on, pulling the utilization rate of existing bandwidth to the maximum, and supports encrypted transmission, truly providing a safe and efficient one-stop file solution!

Part 3: Raysync provides data transmission capabilities for all scenarios in the automotive industry

Solution application scenario:

The Raysync transmission solution can be applied to multiple scenarios such as the auto company headquarters, research institutes, operations centers, production bases, and outsourcing, etc. Through real-time collection of sensor big data, accelerating the digitization of intelligent workshop management, bulk distribution of high-precision maps, high-speed cross-border large file transmission, and so on, Raysync has enabled the automotive industry to achieve data transmission digitization.

1. Realizing intelligent storage on the cloud

Auto companies usually adopt a hybrid cloud form and establish branches of the cloud platform everywhere to meet the cloud needs of R&D centers in all regions. The R&D link involves every link such as production, after-sales, etc., which need to consider multiple factors such as production process, production feasibility, user complaints, user habits, and so forth.

Therefore, the cloud's connectivity becomes the most critical success factor for the deployment of the auto company cloud. The production, after-sales, and other data that have been connected can be used to verify or predict the adaptability between R&D and other links through the cloud platform's flow.

2. Realization of intelligent digital factory management

Raysync transmission technology can be applied to communication between factory equipment, realize real-time sending of device parameters and operating status to the monitoring center, or accept a certain action command to complete remote device status monitoring or human-computer collaborative manufacturing. This application is of great significance in stamping, welding, AGV logistics, and other processes, which improves production efficiency and management effect.

3. Real-time collection of sensor mega data, acceleration bulk distribution of high-precision maps

Through the Raysync high-speed transmission engine, all kinds of data generated by vehicle sensors can be transmitted to the background database in real-time and effectively, which can better empower AI intelligent system control commands; also, Raysync can accelerate the distribution of high-precision maps, ensuring the efficient control of automatic driving big data.

4. High-speed transmission of large files across borders

Towards the cross-border business demands of auto companies, Raysync provides a dedicated cross-border large file high-speed transmission solution.

As shown below, with Shenzhen as the headquarter center, Raysync constructs high-speed transmission service main sites and sub-sites. Utilizing VPN+ high-speed, secure transmission channel, breakpoint continuation, error retransmission, block verification, overall verification, multi-threaded transmission, and other technological means, it realizes efficient data transmission between Shenzhen headquarters and overseas sites, with the highest speed compared to ordinary FTP tools exceeding 99 times.

5. Increase real-time rendering efficiency, enhance the online user experience

In terms of improving the real-time rendering efficiency of cars and enhancing the user's online experience, Raysync supports seamless integration with the real-time cloud rendering platform, realizing the real-time pushing of various results, providing real-time access and immersive experience for the end-users.


With the popularization of the 5G network and the rise of meta-universe concepts, the Raysync high-speed transmission solution is playing an important role in the auto industry's digital data transmission process. Raysync is helping the auto industry achieve a more efficient digital data transmission process. At the same time, with continuous technological innovation and application scenarios' expansion, Raysync will continue to improve the solution to meet the needs of the auto industry in the data transmission digital process, helping the auto industry move towards a digital future.


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