Raysync v6.6.8.0 Version Released, Let's See What's News!

Hey guys, Raysync release new version v6.6.8.0 version, let's see what's news.

Raysync v6.6.8.0 Version

1.Server sync tasks can now be assigned to specific Raysync clients

When creating a server sync task in the Admin Poprtal, administrator can now specify the online nodes to which you want to distribute the task. If you don't specify any nodes, the task will be sent to all online nodes by default.


Raysync v6.6.8.0 Version -Raysync Client


2. Raysync Client log cleanup setting and compression

When transferring large amounts of data, you can now right-click on the client icon and select "log settings" to configure automatic log cleanup time on your local client. Setting a shorter time will result in more frequent cleanups. Additionally, the system will automatically compress your local logs every 24 hours. Daily logs can also be collected and provided to Raysync technical support for troubleshooting when there is a need.


Raysync v6.6.8.0 Version - Log Cleanup SettingRaysync v6.6.8.0 Version - Log Cleanup


3. Keep the source directory structure when automatically deleting source files

When creating a sync task, a new "Reserve source directory structure" option has been added for file handling. After the system completes the sync process, files within the source directory will be deleted, but folders will remain and preserve the original folder structure.

Raysync v6.6.8.0 Version - Create Sync Folder

4. Other features

Apart from the aforementioned features, this version brings several enhancements to elevate the overall customer experience. For instance, point-to-point(P2P) transfer tasks now allow input of email accounts, sync command client includes upgrade scripts, transfer log details have paging, and there are optimizations in event and traffic reporting functionality. Additionally, the new Raysync-event service has been introduced. To explore these new features, kindly get in touch with us.

What other features are you looking forward to adding to Raysync? Please contact: support@raysync.io or apply for a free trial now!

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