How to Transfer Large Files Quickly? Raysync Provides You a Perfect Solution

With the development of the Internet, it is a very common thing to transfer large and small files in the daily office. If it is a small file, there are many ways to transfer it, and it is also very convenient. However, when some large files, such as confidential documents, large pictures or videos, need to be transferred at high speed, they will encounter some problems, such as the size limitation of the mailbox, the slow transfer speed of the traditional transfer tools, unstable network connection, and data insecurity, etc., all of these cause the transfer of large files becomes a difficult problem.

How to transfer large files quickly and efficiently? Raysync provides you a perfect solution.

fast file transfer

Based on the high-performance UDP transfer protocol, Raysync makes full use of the network bandwidth, it transfers the large files 100X faster than FTP with minimal packet loss. Multi-dimensional transfer mode meets the various requirements of TB-level large files and massive small files.

By adopting the mechanism like breakpoint resume, built-in multiple file verifications, and error retransmission, our solutions enable you to send files of any size or format at full line speed, hundreds of times faster than FTP, while ensuring secure and reliable delivery.

With Raysync Large File Transfer, It's never been easier to move data securely inside and outside your organization.

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