Raysync Transmission - FTP Replacement for the Oil and Gas Industry

IT departments for oil and gas companies often face an uphill battle to meet industry file transfer demands. Like many other industries, oil and gas companies are concerned with speed and security when transferring data, but they must also consider the possible complications transferring very large files across vast distances.

large file transfer

Difficulty 1: Problem of Extremely Large File Transfer

File size often determines whether the transmission is smooth or not. Oil and gas exploration companies with energy services usually need to carry out snapshot detection of oil wells. The log files of these snapshots can reach up to 20GB. Some traditional tools (such as VPN connection or FTP server) cannot be used for such a large amount of file transfer at all. It is easy to deploy a set of radium transmission software in an enterprise. No file can be transferred because it is too large. Oil and gas exploration companies can transfer files without restriction.

Difficulty 2: Accessibility Across Continents

Oil and gas exploration companies often send employees to remote corners of the earth in search of natural resources. Raysync Transmission acceleration technology with synchronization function can ensure users to quickly access data at any distance. Remote users and contractors of drilling rigs, wherever they are, can upload, download, and share data quickly and safely.

Difficulty 3: Simplify the Complex Businesss Processes

Raysync Transmission is aimed to improve the business processes, it can help the IT department to improve the efficiency of those staff in oil and gas group. Flexible authorization and sharing of multi-group files, you and your organization can save the files in Raysync Transmission and access them anywhere and anytime; Global file central control and management, which ensures the data visible, controllable and traceable. With Raysync Tansmission, users can enjoy high-quality service of fast upload and download anywhere in the world without interruption.

Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. Raysync Transmission helps oil and gas exploration companies to improve their business processes and improve the efficiency of the project by ensuring fast and safe document transmission worldwide without restrictions on the size and quantity of files.

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